Navigating School Choice Options – Public vs Private vs Charter

Today’s parents are blessed with a multitude of options when it comes time for their child to enter primary school but, what’s the major difference? During my last interview with Jamie Meloni of That Business Show, we discussed the Lutz Learning Center “no ceiling” philosophy, the difference between Public and Charter and how to use public funds towards private education.

To watch the whole interview, click here: YouTube: How to Raise a Genius

With so much to choose from, today’s parents can find it difficult to feel secure in the “right choice” for their child. While navigating all of these options can seem overwhelming, my biggest piece of advice is to tour the school and picture your child in the environment. When you review the curriculum and academic expectations, can you see your child thriving with the opportunities the school offers?

Can I help you? Contact me at or surf around our school site to learn how in classrooms with no walls we offer education with no ceiling!

Enjoy the journey, the future is in our hands!

Kimberly Wilson

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