Classrooms with No Walls, Education with No Ceiling.

As parents one of our number one concerns is the development of our children. It seems there are so many options out there that finding the perfect school can seem daunting. Education is not a one size fits all hat. What works for some will not work for all.

Or will it?

What if, similar to life, we removed the ceiling on what a child can achieve in any one year of schooling?

What if the sky was no limit?

What if instead of placing our children in classes with other children who share a birth year, we instead looked at each child as an individual?

How would that work? Join Fox 13’s Laura Moody and I as we explore the Lutz Learning Center methods of Project Based Learning. This is my school and this is how we roll:

While obviously, attending this specific school may not be an option for everyone, my message is this: don’t be afraid to search outside the box for a school that will best fit your child and your family.

Can I help you?

Contact me at or surf around our school site to learn how in classrooms with no walls we offer education with no ceiling!

Enjoy the journey, the future is in our hands!

Kimberly Wilson

Author of SmartCookie: Recipes for Raising a Genius, available here on


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