Raise your hand for buckets of joy!

In a conversation in the car, our second grader asked a unique question. “Have you ever heard of a bucket filler?” she inquired. She then proceeded to tell us how every person has a bucket that is filled with joy and represents how they feel. She shared that everyone has an opportunity to be a bucket filler, and help others feel joy, or a bucket dumper, spilling the joy of others – just as she shares here:

After listening to her genius, we took to Amazon and found numerous books on the subject, but for us the concept was very clear:

Think about how the things you do and say impact others and act accordingly.

This message is so relatable when simplified as bucket filling or bucket dumping.

I hope this little gem helps you find greater success your relationship with your child.

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Enjoy the journey, the future is in our hands!

Kimberly Wilson

Author of SmartCookie: Recipes for Raising a Genius, available here on Amazon.com